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Parents Aware


This site offers practical action steps for parents to help raise emotionally healthy children. It is designed to provide resources for those who hear or watch our presentation titled "When Lovis is Not Enough." It expands on the five action steps in that presentation and offers basic components that can be accomplished quickly and offers extended steps that a require more time.

See the Parents Aware website



Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Resources


At this site you will find a large number of great resources for the warning signs of suicide, precautions you can take, what to do after an attempt and much more. This link was submitted by a visitor to our site and is greatly appreciated. See the Morningside Recovery website.

The Effects Death, Traumas And Disasters Have On Mental Health

This article provides helpful information for those that experience the death by  suicide of someone they know and care about. It also helps a person be better prepared for tragic events. View Article

The Jason Foundation


The Jason Foundation, Inc. is dedicated to the prevention of the "Silent Epidemic" of youth suicide through educational and awareness programs to equip young people, educators / youth workers, and parents with the tools and resources to help identify and assist at-risk youth. See the Jason Foundation website.


The Jed Foundation


Promoting mental health and prevent suicide among college students. See the Jed Foundation website.

They offer a useful guide for parents sending their children to college
(Click Here to download the PDF)


SAVE - Suicide Awareness Voices of Education


This site is based on the foundation and belief that suicide should no longer be considered a hidden or taboo topic and that through raising awareness and educating the public, we can SAVE lives. See the SAVE website.



Wings of Madness Depression Guide


A blog by someone who has lived through depression. It has many informative articles on depression and helps others understand what depression is like. See the website.


This section is especially practical for teenagers with depression. 

Surviving the Teens


The Psychiatry Department of  Cincinnati Children's Hospital has a program dedicated to helping parents and teens with mental health and suicide prevention. See the website.


American Foundation for Suicide Prevention 


This organization sponsors Out of the Darkness fundraising walks. See the website.



A project of the Jed Foundation, this site provides online mental health resources for college students. See the
ULifeline website.



D.I.F.D. Transforming Youth Mental Health


A website created by the parents of Daron Richardson, who took her own life at age 14. Her father, Luke Richardson, is well-known as a former NHL player in Canada. Their site, "Do It For Daron," seeks to inspire conversations and raise awareness of youth mental health issues. See the website.


A Survivors Road to Healing


A website dedicated to restoring hope after a suicide. See the website.


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