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Here are resources that have helped us that may help you as well. These resources include books, counseling services, support groups, and organizations focused on helping people about mental health, suicide and other grief, and suicide prevention. Please email us additional resources you would like us to share with others.


We have read many books in our attempt to understand suicide, depression, grief, and related topics. Some benefited us, others didn't. We are listing the books we have read along with some information about the book. We hope it will guide you in deciding whether to read the book for yourself.


Helpful Links

Review these organizations that are focused on serving people on this topic. Let us know if you know of others that should be added.


Shortly after Nathan's death we started seeing a Christian counselor. Our counselor not only answered many questions and advised us regarding what to expect, but primarily has been someone with whom we could share our pain. We highly recommend finding someone to talk to that you feel comfortable with.


Counseling service we used:


Southwestern Medical Clinic
Counseling/Psychological Services

5675 Fairview Avenue, 
Stevensville, MI 49127

Website (a division of Lakeland Health) 
Phone: (269) 429-7727
Fax: (269) 429-5754

Support Group

A month after Nathan's death we joined a suicide support group. There we meet others who were experiencing the same things we were, and found it a tremendously supportive experience. This is the place we went to:

Lory's Place

445 Upton Drive, Suite 9
St. Joseph, MI 49085

Website (a division of Lakeland Health)
Phone: (800) 717-3812 or (269) 983-2707

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