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Teen Depression

Based on the limited information we have, we now believe it is probable that that Nathan was suffering from depression that started when he was a teenager. As we have become more educated about this topic, we have learned that there were subtle signs of this problem. We have also learned that teenage depression is much more common that most parents would realize. Helping parents learn more about this topic is one of our priorities. This page provides resources to help parents and individuals with this vital need.

Akron Children's Hospital Video

In this informative and insightful video produced by Akron's Children's Hospital you will hear an interview with child and adolescent psychiatrists Stephen Cosby, MD, and Laura Rocker, MD, as they share their thoughts on the emotional and psychological difficulties facing many teens today. They will answer questions that were emailed by parents of teens. It is a 30-minute video, which you could listen to while doing something else. It is an extremely helpful discussion and well worth your time if you are a parent of pre-teens or teens.


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